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28 May 2008

Tracks from Returning Beauty

This isn't my usual kind of post... but I felt like making these available.

A few years ago, for my wife's birthday, a bunch of my friends, and hers, got together and made an album, as a birthday present.

Here are the tracks I can supply. The others, unfortunately, fall under some form of questionable copyright. I tried to get a license to release the covers, from APRA, but it was too expensive to make it worth it - unless I was going to actually sell the tracks, which seemed more trouble than it was worth at the time...

So, here they are:

St James Infirmary Blues

Performed: Nicholas Gledhill (vocals, guitar), Joshua Shipton (guitar)

Evening Prayer

Performed: Catherine Lockley (vocals), Ruth Lockley (vocals, piano)

The Lady of Shallot

Performed: Anthony Hunt

Bitch in a Manger

Performed: Bobbie Scarlet (vocals, guitar)

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