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12 September 2012

Buying a house for my new lover

Previous sections of this story:

I've been spending enough time with my Raspberry Pi, my wife has stated to make jokes about along the lines of "When I worried about you 'finding someone else' I didn't think it was going to take the form of a new computer".

We call her "Debbie".

And the issue was further complicated, today, when I bought Debbie a house to live in. Considering we don't yet own our own house... I can understand my wife's sense of jealousy... but considering it only cost me $5, I don't think she should feel *that* bad.

I shopped around for a while and considered a number of different options.

My first favourite idea was that of the lego box. In fact I'm still determined to build it - I just haven't had the time to track down the right parts in my old big bag of lego blocks. And then there's this guy's LEGO plans which are a little more involved and serious - but look kind of cool.

Cheap Plastic is Cool

But then I found this:

The review I found that convinced me to get it was from a blog called "Raspberry Pi Pod". It's a good read, if you're interested in getting one of the same - and it contains great instructions for dealing with the German website.

In a strange twist of fate, it turns out the case is made in the town that the father of someone I work with was born in... but that's beside the point...

At first, the delivery cost seems to count it out, as an option. While the case itself is a cheap 2,95 Euros, the delivery was (a comparatively ridiculous) 4,95 Euros. But then I got to thinking... in the end, I bought 10 of them, for a combined cost (including all delivery and transaction costs) of $48.70. So ostensibly they cost $4.87 each. I know enough people who want cases for their RPis that I've already passed 6 of them on for $5 each. It's not a money making concern - but it was a neat way to get the case I wanted for $5 myself.

The rest I'm going to knock off on eBay for, say maybe, $6 each. If I'm lucky, I'll come out even on the whole deal, and can count the case as having been free - which would be nice.

So - Debbie's new house came in the post today... and it was REALLY easy to put together. There's a good assembly video on the IP Adelt website.

for some reason...
I really enjoyed the fact
that it was a addressed
to "Herr Nicholas Gledhill"
It's actually not that easy to put her in *after* you've put the box together... but then I still didn't manage to ruin it - and the snug fit is actually one of its great qualities.

N.B. You will need to take the SD card out of its slot (and, obviously, unplug anything else from the Pi) in order to fit it in. It takes a little bit of squeezing, and bending of the walls to make it all happen. But if you work from getting the SD card end in first, and then concentrate on getting the USB ports into position - it should all be fine.

The port holes line up perfectly... I couldn't have hoped for better, for $5 - and Debbie says she likes her new home quite a lot.

She wants me to visit as often as possible... but my wife is suspicious. I think she knows there's something going on...

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