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10 December 2007

Bring the troops home from the war...

... the lawyers home from the culture wars - that is.

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Signs of support for the poor and disadvantaged

Once again - here is evidence of the way that modern governments control the news cycle and the way we understand and discuss issues.

The Labor party won slightly more than 2 weeks ago - and have been in power for little more than 1 week - and yet last week they had a "public service reshuffle" and changed the role of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Apparently they (the Department) have been wasting millions in Legal fees chasing thousands in incorrect payments, under the Howard Government, and penalising the already disadvantaged for being, well, disadvantaged... but can you imagine this being discussed in this way if Labor hadn't won?

SHM Article - Millions lost in legal war on the poor

Let's celebrate the culture of support that this change represents. I realise we've got heaps of money lying around Australia, and sometimes it's hard to know what to do with it all, but using it to chase down people with very little and take even that from them does seems a little bit of a waste to me.

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