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09 December 2007

Things that make me happy

For an explanation of what this list is, and why I'm keeping it - see here:

The National Conversation - how political language guides the opinions we admit to in public


9th December

That's it! We need a labor government that can push the values of "economic conservatism". Left and Right don't have to disagree on everything. Some things are sensible and Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan are proving that - for the future of the Labor Party and market economies with a real social conscience.


6th December

Rudd holds first Cabinet meeting:
* Computers in every class
* Media conference after each meeting
* Ministerial Code of Conduct

Lets educate the people - and have more transparent democracy... now there's someone who's not afraid of the people :-)

... and in Tasmania - the Liberals jump on a treasury report that says power prices need to go up now so people can get used to paying higher prices. They're trying to paint it as ridiculous.

As far as I'm concerned, sounds like a damn good idea, especially if the extra revenue goes into renewable resources research... someone has to say it - good thing the government was willing to. :-)


5th December

"Yes" to the pulp-mill. I may not agree, but that was their election promise and that was what they got voted in on. One less election promise broken (none to date that I know of). That's the democracy we live in. But very hard for Peter to swallow - maybe he's learning to be a politician after all.


4th December

After years of being told "it's just too hard - it would do too much damage", Wong promises to calculate the effects of policies on Kyoto targets and the economy... lets get the facts! woo hoo!

... a friend of mine and I had an argument over whether Peter Garret would get the Environment portfolio. She said he wouldn't because he would be punished. I said he would because it wouldn't work not to - after he'd been taken on for the job during the campaign. We couldn't see eye to eye... but hey presto! We were both right. He got Environment, because if you voted for him, you'd expect as much - but he didn't get climate change as a punishment... perfect solution to a really difficult situation. Good going guys.


3rd December

Kevin Rudd speaks about moving quickly to sign the Kyoto protocol - just to prove the issue is front and centre for his new government

Labor government, female deputy (my daughter will grow up seeing a woman in the second top seat of power in the country :-) ), signing Kyoto... don't get many better signals than that! It may be symbolic - but wow, what a signal.

"I'm pleased to inform the conference that Australia will move to immediately ratify the Kyoto protocol" - those words sent shivers of joy down my spine... What a first act for a new government - how better to send strong signals about how important this is.

... let's destroy the cliche that Labor is a high spending party and Liberals are for smaller government. Further spending cuts to fight inflation - go for it Wayne!

... and a commitment to fix long standing Health system problems through cooperation with the States. Let's hope it gets somewhere this time.


30th November

Labor creates a specific "infrastructure" ministry to combat 11 and a half years of neglect on this issue.


29th November

NSW and QLD state governments seem to be softening on GM crops. But now the Greens seem to have gotten a shot in the arm to renew their fight against them, in the wake of Labor's federal win. Keep up the fight guys.


28th November

Rudd and the new cabinet look at the reality of implementing their "Education Revolution". Bring it on guys - keep it going.


27th November

Kevin Rudd:
a) repeats determination to choose his front bench based on merit not factions (reforming the Labor tradition, yay!)
b) pushes homelessness to the front of the discussion. "Turn away rates of something like 80 or 90 per cent. Now this is just wrong in a country as wealthy as ours." - saying what I've been shouting for a long time - go for it Kev.


26th November

Rudd vows to make climate change and industrial relations two of his first priorities.

"Broadband access a priority for new MP" - let's get that infrastructure going Kevin... let's rebuild a nation!


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